Participatory Scenario Planning

Mon, 07/30/2012 - 13:16 -- tsu_admin

The primary purpose of participatory scenario processes in climate assessment has been the application of information about the range of potential future conditions to identify robust options for development, resource and land management, and other activities. There are a number of different approaches to participatory scenario planning suited to different applications and stakeholder communities. Some benefits of a participatory approach are communication and understanding of uncertainties, consideration of local, indigenous, and other place-based knowledge and perspectives, co-creation of scenarios that stretch thinking of scientists and decision makers about adaptation options, and development of motivation to act on the information gained.

The overall approach to scenario planning for the NCA is to identify and inventory ongoing scenario planning efforts. While there is not yet any available results from these inventory efforts, it is hoped that there will be information available soon as well as public calls for input for a continuing and evolving understanding and development of this effort.